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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tips to forget our EX ! chaiyokkk :)

Assalammualaikum :)

Again we meet, here i have some advise to be shared to u all babe's n boy's, how do we handle our emotions & feelings. Hope this could help !
First is acceptance. U have to learn to accept that it is over now. Sour-graping may help but at the end it is still there and u are just faking it. Second, be socially active. Go out with friends, meet new people, have fun. Enjoy the things u used to do. Then, if possible avoid anything that discusses love, relationship (like movies, book) this is for u to get over it first. Fourth, be open to new suitors. get to know new guys/girls . Remember that, past is past. We can never bring them back. If yo past relationship did not work, learn from it and just be thankful that it brings good memories too. There is no immediate remedy to take out the pain from losing someone u love. Nor is there a time frame for one to forget the lost love.what u should do is to be thankful for the days u had with him/her & learned that watever u had can be attained even better with the next relationship. Pain is a lifetime process.everyone goes thru it - mentally, physically & emotionally. U'll feel better if u share this with yo gud frens or family members.  Later on, u and yo exbf/exgf can be friends. But for now, take care of yoself. Don't waste your time dwelling on the past and yo ex-bf because if he/she really loves u as much as u do, he/she will find ways to reconcile. But if not, then it is his/her lost because he/she let a girl/boy like you passed by his/her life. And most importantly. PRAY ! ALLAH loves u. I'm certain that He is preparing that special person for u. Hope this helps.

Thank you fo reading :)

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